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Vitalia Bryn-Pundyk
 Beauty/Fashion Wardrobe Consultant
Health/Wellness Coach
Motivational Speaker & Workshop Presenter
Closet Organizer


ABOUT VITALIA Although Vitalia presents workshops on how to enhance your beauty, fashion, health, and wellness as well as offers fun tips for family, finance, relationships, and recreation, audiences from all backgrounds relate to her positive message about beauty coming from the inside. “Real” beauty is heart-centered. It comes from being authentic. It comes from being your true self. It comes from placing a higher self value. This is a message coming from someone who was once knock-kneed and had to wear ugly brown corrective shoes as a child in elementary school, struggled with severe acne as a young teen, had to wear braces to correct a crooked tooth and a severe overbite, was taunted by kids on the playground for a speech impediment and having an unusual name, and has struggled life-long with her own weight issues. From 2011-2021, Vitalia and her former business partner, Julie B. Hill of Inspired Thinking, LLC, created numerous Beauty, Fashion, Health, and Wellness Programs for women of all ages and sizes in order to increase confidence and self-esteem.  Those 10 years of working with Julie and presenting workshops to all-women audiences were some of the most fun and amazing times in Vitalia's professional speaking career and helped her to discover a great hidden passion to further expand on those topics and develop additional programs and consultation services through her own company: BEAUTY & BEYOND, LLC.​ Vitalia offers a unique blend of keynotes, women's workshops, wardrobe consultations, and weekend retreats that consistently result in having a dramatic and positive impact on increasing self-confidence and achieving personal goals.​ She offers high-content, interactive beauty, fashion, health, and wellness programs along with family, finance, relationship, and recreation tips that are filled with fun, humor, and inspirational moments. Her energy, experience, and enthusiasm, are guaranteed to "bring out the best in you!"

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